Photos & Food

Not to over exaggerate, but this past weekend I had the best tacos of my life. A few of my friends and I decided to checkout a somewhat hidden spot in Wilton Manors with a few small pop up shops, antiques, and art walls to take some pictues and try some new foods.

We ended up eating at La Frutera, and as per my statement earlier you can tell I was a huge fan. The weather was perfect and sunny so I wore my favorite sunglasses. My pearl sunglass strap from KJP was the perfect accessory, and made up for the fact that I completely forgot to put on jewelry.

We all know that getting the perfect Instagram photo can potentially come with the cost of being embarrassed or uncomfortable. I love going to places like this because not only do they make perfect backgrounds for pictures, but customers are actually encouraged to take them. There are photo stations set up, and specific hashtags to use, which makes for an extremely comfortable environment to take photos.

My friends and I all have very different style, but we had a great time helping each other take photos. My friend Kelsey wanted to take photos in her Taylor Swift merch, so the art walls were the perfect place for her. I wanted more natural photos out to lunch, and Skylar is the trendy one in the group, so she got some great photos in front of the flower wall. Taking photos with friends you feel comfortable with makes a world of difference, even if you have completely different style. Overall we had a great day of food and photos and I can’t wait to find more places like this.

Does anyone have any must have photo spots?









Shorts: J.Crew 

Shoes: Jack Rogers

Purse: Tory Burch 

Sunglass Strap: KJP 


Day at Disney

I titled this blog post “Day at Disney”, but a more accurate title would have been “A Day of Eating through Disney.” I consumed more sugar and carbs in one day than I normally would in an entire week, and it was truly magical.

Morgan and I made our ears for the day, and it is surprisingly much easier than you would think! In the parks the ears can go for upwards of about $25, but the grand total for our ears was about $6. All you need is cardboard, a headband, a hot glue gun, and whatever fabric and embellishments you want to use. Checkout this short video to get started on making your own ears.

Anytime I go to a theme park I always wear sneakers and carry a backpack.My pop up backpack is from Henri Bendel and is extremely lightweight and comfortable. Walking the park all day is exhausting and being comfortable is a must.  It was surprisingly cold this time of year in Florida, so I packed a pullover sweater for when the temperature dropped.

We took almost all our photos right before the sun was about to set so that we would have that gorgeous glow on the castle in the background, and not have to squint in the broad day light. This trip was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back! 

What is your favorite thing to do at Disney?


This shirt is actually a girls XL. It’s much cheaper than the women’s and fits even better! 

disney trip disney photos mickey ears magic kingdom ice cream spring pictures

disney trip disney photos mickey ears magic kingdom ice cream spring pictures



This backpack is perfect for travel because it can fold into itself and zip for easy storage! 




I had to throw in a picture of Bendel in my minnie ears of course!


Top: J.Crew Factory 

Shirt: Vineyard Vines 

Shoes: Adidas 

Backpack: Henri Bendel 

Put a Bow on It

spring fashion lilly pulitzer seersucker shopping tips blogging dog mom life dog friendly places fort meyers

Spring is in full swing here in South Florida and the weather is perfect. We took full advantage of a beautiful day and headed to the mall for some shopping and macarons. The Mall we went to was mostly out doors and our favorite shops were dog friendly, so of course Bendel had to come and get as many free dog treats as possible. I’ve found that most Outlet Malls are typically more dog friendly and some our favorite shops, including Vineyard Vines, actually have treats for the dogs. 

I figured now was the perfect time to finally break out the seersucker and fully embrace spring. I went with a more comfortable look for a relaxed day of shopping (and eating), and chose to wear a white collared shirt, my most comfortable scalloped shorts and my Birkenstocks. My favorite part of my outfit is my belt. I found this belt at a consignment shop and had to have it because of the bow detail. I’ve linked a few similar leather bow belts below.  

What are some of your favorite spring activities?

spring fashion lilly pulitzer seersucker shopping tips blogging dog mom life dog friendly places fort meyers

spring fashion lilly pulitzer seersucker shopping tips blogging dog mom life dog friendly places fort meyers

Bendel’s adorable bow is from Prep on Point! Hurry and grab yours, there are only a few left! 





My Look: 

Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer | Find a bunch on Poshmark 

Top: J.Crew Factory 

Shoes: Birkenstock 

Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Belt: Target 

Bendel’s Look: 

Collar: KJP 

Bow: Prep on Point 

Leash: Henri Bendel

Bubbly on the Boat

My best gull friend finally came to town and we had a shell of a good time!

We broke out the Lilly and the bubbly and set out on the boat to cruise around and look at all the gorgeous houses we can’t afford. If you were wondering if we coordinated our outfits the answer is yes. We both agree that there is no better combination than navy gold and white, and we took full advantage of matching our outfits to the champagne.

I found my Lilly dress at Marshalls at an extremely discounted price. I saw the gold and white detail and immediately had to have it. The best time to check Marshalls and TJ Maxx for Lilly is a few weeks after the After Party Sale; however, Lilly typically flies off the shelf around this time so make sure to check frequently!  

Kelly and I are both wearing our favorite Atlantic Pearl Bracelets from KJP, and ironically mine is named pearls on champagne. There’s nothing better than a little bubbly on the boat with your bestie! 

boating nautical Lilly Pulitzer pearls preppy classy fashion south florida


I wanted to caption this photo “If you a top knotch beach lemme hear ya holla” but I realized that’s a little much for Instagram. 

boating nautical Lilly Pulitzer pearls preppy classy fashion south florida champagne




Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Find the original dress here.

Shoes: Jack Rogers 

Ring: KJP 

Bracelet: KJP 

Necklace: KJP 

Lilly Season

Lilly Pulitzer season dresses bright prints spring fashion blogger tropical nautical style south florida life

“Life is a party, dress like it.” ~Lilly Pulitzer

I am officially deeming it acceptable to break out the Lilly. Spring is the perfect time to wear bright colors and embrace the warmth and sunshine.

My amazing friend Kelly came to town so we threw on the Lilly, hopped on the boat, and cruised down to my favorite restaurant on the water. The Nauti Dawg has a laid back atmosphere with great food, live music, gorgeous views, and best of all its dog friendly! If you’re in the area I recommend checking it out!

My dress is called the Marlowe and it’s the perfect style and cut for a casual day on the boat. The light weight fabric keeps you cool during the day when the sun is blazing, but the long sleeves are perfect for later in the day when the sun begins to set and the ocean breeze kicks in.

To give an idea of the fit of the dress I am 5’7″ and I typically wear a size 4. I am wearing the size XS in this dress which makes it a little more form fitting. If you are looking into purchasing this dress on a resale app such Poshmark, I would recommend going to your local Lilly store and trying on the different styles and sizes before hand. 

I love this dress, but in the spirit of honesty, this isn’t actually mine. I borrowed it from Kelly for the day, make sure to checkout her blog here! I’m currently scouring the internet hoping to find my own soon since I am now obsessed with it. 

What are some of your favorite Lilly prints?

Lilly Pulitzer season dresses bright prints spring fashion blogger tropical nautical style south florida life






I found my Jack Rogers on sale for $30 at Marshalls! Always make sure to check there for seasonal colors at a discounted price! 


Lilly Pulitzer season dresses bright prints spring fashion blogger tropical nautical style south florida life

Dress: Style on Lilly Pulitzer  | Exact Dress on Zappos

Shoes: Jack Rogers 

Necklace: KJP 

Bracelet: KJP 

Ski Après

ski tahoe ski trip winter style fun blue eyes blog team usa snowboard

I recently went on a ski trip to Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe. This trip was coincidentally right at the start of the winter Olympics, and we had the best time skiing all day and cheering on Team USA at night!

Briley and I are both figure skaters, so naturally that is our favorite event, although I must say the slopestyle snowboarding is a close second!

We spent two full days skiing this trip fueled by more hot chocolate than I would like to admit. Our first day out we had gorgeous weather and got to take in the amazing view of lake tahoe from the lift and manage to take some awesome photos! The second day out was a bit colder, and by a bit colder I mean absolutely freezing. It was snowing pretty hard which made for interesting visibility and a bit more of a thrilling ski day.  We ended both days soaking our sore muscles in the hot tub at our cabin over looking the mountains.

Both days I made sure to wear a comfortable and warm hat. A good hat is extremely important while skiing to keep your whole body warm. My Team USA hat and pullover are from Old Navy. Their Team USA line this year is so adorable I couldn’t resist! If your like me and you live somewhere where skiing is not a seasonal activity, it’s hard to justify spending the money on ski gear. My advice is to check consignement shops for ski pants and coats. Both Briley and I’s pants are from consignment shops and they worked perfectly!

I hope you like the photos! What are your ski trip tips?

ski trip snow winter team usa fun skiing snowboarding

ski trip snow winter team usa fun skiing snowboarding


My Vineyard Vines vest kept me super warm and to save money I actually bought a boys size XL!






DSC_0860 (1)



This hat is half off at Pink Pineapple Shop!




Shirt: Vineyard Vines 

Ski Jacket: Oneil 

Ski google hat: Pink Pineapple Shop 

Team USA hat: Old Navy 

Team USA pullover: Old Navy

Navy vest: Vineyard Vines 


Poof there it is

I would never go so far as to call myself a travel blogger because I cannot handle that kind of commitment; however, I do try and travel as much as possible.

Short last minute trips tend to be my style and I jumped at the opportunity to go skiing in Tahoe this past weekend. Unfortunately I was unable to find an affordable direct flight from Florida to Nevada, so a 13 hour day of flying was my only option. I set off with every winter item I could possibly fit in my suitcase, and a backpack packed with snacks, my camera, and my favorite book.

My new black Patagonia puffer jacket was the perfect coat for traveling. It’s lightweight so it folds up easily, yet warm enough to be the only layer needed when landing into 30 degree weather. When purchasing this jacket I chose the knee-length option for added protection from the wind. The length conveniently made a perfect make-shift blanket for the long plane rides.

When I landed in Nevada I was reunited with my friend Briley who I hadn’t seen in months, since she recently moved to California. We wasted no time on our short trip and went out exploring around our cabin in our adorable poof hats from pink pineapple shop. Of course this was the perfect opportunity to take pictures together, and learn a valuable lesson that snow, is in fact extremely slippery.

What are your travel tips?



This jacket kept me super warm but was still lightweight! find it on sale here






My Coat: Patagonia 

Briley’s Coat: Gap Body 

Boots: Sperry 

Leggings: Lululemon

Socks: J.Crew

Hats: Pink Pineapple Shop